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Swadeshi Kacchi Ghani Groundnut Oil

“ Swadeshi “ Kacchi Ghani Groundnut Oil also known as Swadeshi Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil is clear and light yellow in colour. It is extracted in traditional “ Ghani “ and under strict quality control. It eliminates all the harmful effects that arise from the conventional methods of oil extraction. It is chemical-free. Swadeshi Kacchi Ghani Groundnut Oil adds flavour and health to your everyday cooking.


Contents Value
Moisture & Volatile Matter 0.10%,w/w
Colour in 1/2" cell ( Lovibond ) Y : 5.9, R : 0.2, Y+5R : 6.9
B.R. Reading @ 40 degree C 55.3
Saponification Value 192.65 mg KOH/gm
Specific Gravity @ 30C/30C 0.9114 gm/ml
Iodine Value 86.35
FFA 0.6 % , w/w
Unsaponifiable Matter 0.47 % , w/w
Peroxide Value 1.19 meq / kg
B.T.T ( Molybdate Test) 39.2 C
Castor Oil ( Molybdate Test) Negative
Sesame Oil ( Baudouin Test ) Negative
Mineral Oil Negative
Argemone Oil Negative

Packing Available

Swadeshi Kacchi Ghani Groundnut Oil is available in consumer packs of 1Ltr Bottle,5Ltr Tin & 15Kg Tin.

Benefits of Kacchi Ghani Groundnut Oil :-

1) Extracted by traditional method using wooden cheku ( Kacchi Ghani ) to maintain its purity. 2) Unrefined, Pure & 100% Natural, No Chemical & No Heat Process, No preservation. 3) Healthier substitute for refined oils & great combination of taste & health.

1Ltr Bottle

5Ltr Tin

15kg Tin