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Swadeshi Kacchi Ghani Groundnut Oil

“ Swadeshi “ Kacchi Ghani Groundnut Oil is clear and light yellow in colour. It is extracted in traditional “ Ghani “ and under strict quality control. It eliminates all the harmful effects that arise from the conventional methods of oil extraction. It is chemical free. Swadeshi Kacchi Ghani Groundnut Oil add flavour and health to your every day cooking .


Contents Value
Moisture & Volatile Matter 0.10%,w/w
Colour in 1/2" cell ( Lovibond ) Y : 5.9, R : 0.2, Y+5R : 6.9
B.R. Reading @ 40 degree C 55.3
Saponification Value 192.65 mg KOH/gm
Specific Gravity @ 30C/30C 0.9114 gm/ml
Iodine Value 86.35
FFA 0.6 % , w/w
Unsaponifiable Matter 0.47 % , w/w
Peroxide Value 1.19 meq / kg
B.T.T ( Molybdate Test) 39.2 C
Castor Oil ( Molybdate Test) Negative
Sesame Oil ( Baudouin Test ) Negative
Mineral Oil Negative
Argemone Oil Negative

Packing Available

Swadeshi Kacchi Ghani Groundnut Oil is available in consumer packs of 1Ltr Bottle and 15 Kg Tin

Benefits Of Kacchi Ghani Groundnut Oil

1] Traditional and Organic Cold Processing extraction to maintain its purity

2] Stable At High Temperature

3] Best For Deep Frying and Helps to Maintain Healthy Heart

Kacchi Ghani Groundnut Oil 15kg Tin

1ltr Bottle

15kg Tin